Friday, January 8, 2010

Weird Western Tales #71 Review

Weird Western Tales of DC Comics, RISE! Just one out of the eight DC titles that are rising from their graves this month. We find DC editor in chief Dan Didio on writing duties while Renato Arlem handles the art. I'm not one for Cowboy books, but boy did i enjoy this comic. We are also treated to a beautiful cover done by Bill Sienkiewicz. It looked very much like a Cowboy film poster.

We find ourselves with Dan Didio second comic he has ever written. The first being the funkadelic Wednesday Comics short, Metal Men. Say what you will about Didio but he did a fine job on this book. It felt like i was reading a deadwood book about zombies. If you're like me then you may have to go on to Wikipedia to find out just who are these undead cowboys and Indians are. There are some moments where the dialog is Little chunky and were Didio should have let the artist just do his thing. The ending was a very twilight zone feel to it, lets just say it's not a happy one.

Now the art in the issue was great for a horror comic about cowboys. I liked Renato Black Lanterns, they were just the right amount of gore and beauty. He delivered on a great holy shit moment when we first see Jonah Hex. The new play on a Mexican standoff. (Black Lantern Hex vs RPG) I haven't heard much about Renato before this comic but i can say i would like to see some more from him.

My final verdict on Weird Western Tales is that it was a surprise hit with me. I thought i was going to hate it because i haven't seen much from Didio as a writer and i never heard of Renato Arlem up to now, but i loved it. I would like to see both Didio and Arlem on a vertigo cowboy series.

Overall 8.9/10